[08-07-2017 04:46 PM] Wobbly: TS3 ticket raised as I can't restart it from clanforge. [08-07-2017 04:46 PM] Wobbly: Teamspeak ticket raised as [02-01-2017 03:42 AM] dazzlermc: Happy New Year me dears [15-12-2016 12:21 PM] Arrit: Lost Odyssey is free on Xbox (360 game that is backwards compatible on the One) http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Pr...5-d8024d5307fa [13-11-2016 07:38 PM] Killbot: Oi oi! Haven't been on the forum since 2014!! Not doing much pc stuff at the minute, any PS4 usernames I can add? [15-09-2016 01:24 PM] Arrit: All BF4 DLC for free https://www.battlefield.com/news/road-to-battlefield [07-09-2016 09:12 PM] Simmo: Got myself a HTC Vive whilst out here, bought ONWARD and it is class. It'd be unbelievable at a LAN. Appreciate, its a bit expensive but WOW. Project cars is ace too. [03-04-2016 01:14 AM] Wobbly: Aye simmo, give Habu and myself a shout on steam [23-03-2016 10:10 AM] Simmo: Who's got project cars then? Fancy a race event sometime? [15-01-2016 03:24 PM] Ven: What is going on with TS3? It is down. [20-07-2015 09:24 PM] Kestrel: howdy [14-07-2015 08:49 PM] dazzlermc: Wakey wakey. Eggs and bakey lol [12-07-2015 10:24 PM] dazzlermc: duh. trying to access teamspeak server.....fails to install teamspeak. I don't get better [12-07-2015 10:15 PM] dazzlermc: Howdy friends!! [01-06-2015 09:56 AM] Kestrel: Hello mate - alot still play CS GO, theres DOTA2, motor racing sims and few other bits and pieces - jump on TS and have a blast [30-05-2015 03:22 PM] Lowlander: Hi geezers, been a few years, whats everyone playing these days? I guess things have moved on from Counter Strike [03-05-2015 10:03 AM] zrex: morning guys long time [27-04-2015 12:27 AM] dazzlermc: evening? long time no see lol [12-03-2015 01:00 PM] Kestrel: Game Night - what do we fancy and when ?? [07-03-2015 02:19 PM] Tommyt23: Hey guys, guild wars 2 has got a sale on, something like 75% off both normal and deluxe edition of game on their website its 10 for normal and 12 for deluxe