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Old 05-10-2014, 02:59 PM
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Post (Old) Admin code of conduct

No one mentioned that you guys had anything like this, so...
I wrote this a while ago, but with our recent discussion about laying down responsibility I decided to dig this up again.
I don't think this is needed right now per se, but it might be usefull at some point.
It is written for COD 4 Admins, but is almost totally transferable to anything else.

Please cherry pick anything you want to make your own G-Vet relevant guide/whatever.

Admin Code of Conduct

This is the admin code of conduct. Hopefully, you'll find the information within a quick reference guide for all the COD4 admins.

The amount of threads and arguments I have had to mediate or take action due to people claiming "Your admins have god syndrome" etc, has indicated to us that we need a guide. Some Admins in the past, have abused their privileges just to kick or ban people they don't like or get on with. This, I'm sure you'll agree, is the wrong way of doing things.
This is a guide of what is expected from you as an admin. If, by the end of this guide, you feel "OMG, we can do anything", you haven't understood.
The aim of this guide, is to do exactly that, to guide you. We have always been flexible in allowing our Admins to rule in a way that suits them. You may, or may not take any guidance from this, but, this is how we expect our Admins to conduct themselves. As long as it isn't overzealous, ridiculous, racist, we have always allowed you to carry on in a manner that suited you.


You will maintain professionalism on the (wherever) servers, and will not allow personal feelings or beliefs to cause you to treat people unfairly or unprofessionally. No decision made by you, should ever be made in anger, resentment etc.
You will justify your actions! If you are kicking someone for being a complete troll and ruining the game for others (That's why you are there), put a descriptive reason for your kick/ban. If you do not put a description/explanation and they complain, you'll look like an idiot, and by extension so do the rest of the community.
Evidence. If there is no evidence there is no crime.

Personal Integrity

You will be honest in your actions, and forthcoming about actions you have taken, and the impact of any mistakes.
You will seek assistance from others when required.
You will avoid conflicts of interest and biases whenever possible. When your advice is sought, you will try to help in any way you can.


You will communicate with other admins or community admins any information that may be in the community's interest.
You will strive to listen to and understand the needs of all parties.

Social Responsibility (this is a big one)

In a position of responsibility we require a degree of professionalism. This does not mean that you can't have fun with other gamers. But, you are there if it goes too far and you can break up an argument and stop people from rage quitting from the community.
As an informed and valued member of the community you'll be asked many questions. Some will be relevant some will be stupid. Please, always try to be helpful.
You will be expected to drop everything to assist another admin. Many Admins require help from time to time. A stealthy spec maybe, or as a witness to Admin abuse. Either way they require some assistance, and what is better than 1 Admin? 2 Admins

All of these things mentioned above, are by no means out of anyone's grasp. To utilize the the guide above, you will find yourself being respected for your judgment, your knowledge and your fairness as an admin.

Action/response guide
A rule of thumb guidance, can be offered in the form of: A three strike rule, and a rule of escalation.
These are your most basic methods of dealing with the idiots we find on our servers. They will always serve you well, and they will always make sure you are seen to be fair. (Again) No decision made by you, should be made in anger, resentment etc.

The three strike rule
The three strike rule is a catch all rule. It is a simple three mistakes and you are out. This can mean:-
Three warnings then a kick/ban.
The rule of escalation
You must always start at the lower end of punishment and escalate up. This can mean:-
Burn/Explode, then warn, then kick, then ban.
__________________________________________________ _____

And thats it. Feel free to use whatever you think is useful. Even if it only gives you ideas of what to write yourselves, then it has served it's purpose

Edit* Forgot to mention. this is usually followed with the standard "By being an admin, you agree to the..." Blah blah blah
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