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Old 22-09-2014, 09:59 PM
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Default Life Is Feudal Your Own

Just a quick note to start things off, I'll be editing this as I play the game more and the game is in alpha so new features will be added as I review.

So first things first what exactly is Life is Feudal: Your Own, the best way to put it is a sandbox mmo with servers to hold up to 64 people, the aim of the game depends on what server you join or the type of server you yourself create there are currently 2 main modes:

1. Colonization this game mode is basically put a time trial against yourself testing how fast you can advance through the game to create the largest structure a Large Keep.

2. Sandbox this mode is well its a sandbox I think its pretty self explanatory and most servers will run this mode or it's harder counterpart Permanent Death Sandbox which gives you 1 life and 1 life only.

Now after finding a server you are then asked to create your own character which at its current stage is very simplistic, with not a lot of customisation at this moment, however there seems to be plans for players to be able to change a lot of features.

After creating your character you will be put into the server spawning at the beach with nothing apart from 5 cookies and a robe in your inventory, at this point I was slightly confused at what to do as there is no tutorial however within a few minutes between my friend and myself we figure out where to meet and how to collect materials.

Now in the image above you can see the system chat which gives you a recap of everything that happens, each action you take, and each skill you upgrade. So as my friend carries this log he starts to upgrade his general actions skill, constitution and strength.

The picture above shows the crafting skills page, which contains things from farming, crafting, forestry and mining. Each of these skills then has 4 different stages each stage then offers additional features to the skill for example the first stage of farming lets you gather food from the ground you would find naturally then the second stage lets you plant the food and grow it for yourself.

The room the game allows you for freedom to advance through which skills you want is extremely free if you have a group to play with however if you want to go lone wolf you will have to think about which skills you need to upgrade first, as I was playing with a friend he went the crafting and mining route whereas I went the farming and cooking route to keep us a supply of food to stop our hunger bar from getting too low.

All in all my first impressions of this alpha are good it shows a lot of promise in its current build and the continuous updates from the developers shows good things, however there are some things that need to be changed quickly such as the optimization for lower pc set ups, if you have a medium to high set up you should be fine however the odd lag spike now and again isn't something to be worried about it is an alpha, however with a low end spec you will suffer from a lot of lag but can still play it at a sufficient standard to enjoy the gameplay.

I will try and edit this review as much as possible especially if any large update comes to the game, it is available on steam now for 24.99 and gives full access to the life of feudal mmo when released (which is essentially the same game on large servers for over 10k players) Also feel free to post any questions you have about the game and I'll let you know if I have the answers.

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