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MotorSport Motorsport Game Reviews

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Default Rfactor :: PC
by Wobbly 09-08-2010


Racing for the RAF karting team for 12 years gave me a solid background in racing. I raced all over the UK and abroad including Cyprus (Around the streets of RAF Akrotiri), Germany, Holland and Belgium. In all those years I played games developed by Geoff Crammond, called the Grand Prix (1-4). I did this to keep my reflexes sharp when not racing and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The earlier versions had no multiplayer element but you were able to swap drivers and cars amongst friends by enabling a sort of autodrive facility which took control of the car while you handed the joystick over to the next player. As time went by versions 1-4 came and went with no real significant improvement in the multiplayer aspect of the game, which is a shame as itís the real future of online motorsport simulation. Sadly, it looks like we will never see Grand Prix 5 as Crammond seems to have fell off the shelf. Although this is indeed a shame, it's left a big gap to fill and there are two contenders for the throne, Live for Speed and rFactor. Today I will try and get over to you a review of rFactor, as I personally think that itís the better game of the two.

First Glance

I tried rFactor quite a while ago when it was only just beginning to get a following and preferred LFS. Only 2 months ago did I decide to take a look back in as I retired from Karting and needed something to give me that buzz that I used to get out of competitive racing. To say that I was totally floored by what a I saw is an understatement. The modding scene and community had grown considerably and had left LFS behind in its wake.


I downloaded the demo from the ISI website and installed it without a single hitch. I played through the demo and had some fun but needed to try out all the mods and tracks that have been developed since my last visit to the rFactor scene. I paid via paypal and got my unlock key almost instantly (even though they say up to 3 days). So off I went to download some of the fantastic mods and tracks I had seen on CLICK HERE. (If you use rFactors downloads then please donate as they have high running costs but provide a second to none download service and community website) Installation of mods/tracks are usually either a drag and drop into your rfactor folder or a click on an .exe file, as simple as that really.

Getting going.

The menus are simplistic and get you up and running in no time without all the fuss associated in LFS. I selected my momo steering wheel in the options and customised the buttons and pedals to my liking and decided to try out the inbuilt cars at first. This are all fictional cars, race series, and tracks (much like LFS) that have been developed by ISI but are all fun to drive. They range from single seaters to grunty V8 muscle cars and the driving and handling characteristics change to boot. Once out in your car there is the usual selection of views and stuff including a HUD which gives you the ability to have a large RPM guage and a position indicator which allows you to see your position in the race and how close people are in front and behind. However, itís the modding part of RF that makes it such a great game, with racing classes ranging from lawnmowers, through 2CV and Beetle to classics, F1 and GT. You may say that all the downloading is a chore, but seems how its free and the majority of us are on Broadband now I didnít find it much of a chore at all.


My system is a 4200 dual core XP with 2 GB of ram, Nvidia BFG 7800GT OC, on a SATA drive and it ate this game alive running over 100fps at 1280x1024 with 4xAA on and everything maxxed out. However, my son also gets a respectable frame rate out of his XP3000 with 1GB of ram running a ATI 9800 Pro 128MB without AA. In game the graphics look great and all the mods and tracks developed by the massive community are detailed and produced to a very high standard. However, later games like GTR (Which apparently uses the ISI engine) have that more professional touch, but nothing that spoils the gameplay and is mostly eye candy. The user selectable time also adds the element of racing in night time or at dusk/dawn which adds to the variation in racing and the effects are realistic.


The sounds are what you would expect from a racing sim. With LFS you always seem to get the same sounds with a few exceptions but with RF you get an abundance of different engine sounds betweens mods and classes. For example the throaty exhaust tone you get from the Megane Trophy mod is completely different from the Caterham and the every other mod. I run an audigy 2 ZS and the sound is so good I wear my surround sound headset and crank the volume up so I donít annoy the Mrs.


Extremely playable. Each mod and class has its own handling physics and setups can be either done by using sliders which allow you to increase grip, speed etc or you can use the more intricate setup screens that are available in games like the GTR series. In single player mode the AI seems to be proficient at giving you a challenge and you can select between testing, race weekend and race series. All mods have these available and you can also choose the tracks to race on. I downloaded tracks specifically for the ETCC 2003 mod and had a blast on tracks like Brands Hatch. However, if you really want a challenge then multiplayer it has to be.


If its one thing that gives me a real buzz and thatís competing against other people. rFactor multiplayer has allowed me to get such a buzz and has me sitting there in my seat, gripping my wheel and shaking from the adrenaline. I know that this may sound a tad OTT, but it really does get you going. The built in Multiplay browser is obtained by simply clicking join which then diplays a list of every server available alongside what mod its playing and what track itís running. This is where you need to get every track and every mod and update available so that your choice of game is much broader. There are a lot of servers and a lot of mods and tracks already available and if you join an empty server within minutes it starts to fill up. A nice little feature in multiplayer is the ability of all players on a server to share setups. A quick ask for ďAny setups?Ē in the chat screen is usually answered by someone and a nice setup to try is found in your received folderÖÖ..very nice indeed!!!!!! Also, there is a smart util out there that allows you to see your buddies entering a server by way op screen pop up. This little gem is called Mutil and it allows you to add both rfactors and LFS buddies but also has built in server browsers for both games as well. See our downloads section. The other great feature is the Camera (The same as GTR series). The monitor, although available in single player, is a very good tool for watching other players and get their racing lines etc. there are many different views and angles including TV cam which is self explanatory. However, nice little touches for the TV cam set into the kerbs is the way they rattle when a car passes over it or nearby. Sadly the only problem in online play is some of the children retard brigade that seem to think that using run off strips to keep up speed round a corner and punting you off to get by is okay. Although the RF brigade do seem to have much less of these plebs around than LFS (Which is a nightmare) it is annoying, especially when they start abusing people, swearing and calling everyone Noob. Mind you, nothing a 9mm round wouldít sort out I suppose.


I've come back to rFactor and have really enjoyed the last 2 months of online racing (Including 1 World Record lap on racecast stats recording system). The mods and tracks seem to be coming out on a daily basis and all I am doing is stacking them all up to try them all out. The game is absolutely fantastic and can only get better as time goes on. To be honest, if you intend to buy RACE 07 by Sinbin, but have rfactor then donít, get the ETCC mod instead and save yourself 30 quid, the eye candy seems to be the only difference really, and the ETCC sounds are much better. If you havenít tried rFactor yet then your missing out on a world of great racing.

See you on the race track

More Info: rfactor.net
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Old 10-08-2010, 07:49 PM
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A very good review.
Thank you wobbs

Time i tried it again!
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Old 26-01-2011, 08:27 AM
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great review, incase you already havent, you should try out the F1-SR mods they have made a few great F1 mods with 1971,1992 and 1993 they are league mods so all the cars have the same physics so they are great for multiplayer racing and the cars are just brilliant anyway heres their website http://www.f1-sim-racer.co.uk/

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Old 26-01-2011, 07:32 PM
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Thanks mate I am downloading as we speak. Thanks for the praise btw.

I can't wait for the release of rFactor 2 this year and as soon as I've playtested it I will write a review.

Oh, and welcome to Game Veteran fella.
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Old 28-01-2011, 12:17 AM
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me too, every time i hear something about rFactor2 i get more and more exited about it! thx for the welcome
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Old 29-01-2011, 06:35 PM
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Going to start playing it a bit again, 1 funny things about the game is that the best thing about it can also be the worst and that is the moding community i love the mods but its such a pain the arse to to find a populated server with the same mod and track as you have let alone what you want :/ but by the looks the maganes are still played
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