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Default Corsair 2000 headset
by Deviousfurball 26-03-2013

I thought I'd tell you my thoughts on it so you can make an informed decision on a headset.

I have been hearing from friends about a lot of build quality problems with Razor products. Despite wanting the Razor Tiamat (cos lets face it, it looks awesome ) I had to decide against it, quite simply because I couldn't deal with constantly returning it to the manufacturer after an LED light failed or after something broke or stopped working.
This set me looking around for other products. There are a lot of headsets out there, but none seemingly quite as far advanced as the Razor Tiamat. So obviously I had to try to find something on a par with as much tech and features.

On to the headset.
The Corsair 2000 is of a wrap around design which some Siberia V2 users may feel uncomfortable with. Personally I like this style. Headsets such as the Siberia V2 and the razor Tiamat have the rest on top of the head design, where a tension strap rests on top of the head. A lot of users find this method more comfortable than the wraparound design. But then again it is all a matter of personal preference.
The Corsair 2000 has a surprisingly good build quality, it feels solid and robust. A hard plastic is used that is given the impression of brushed steel, which gives a visual impression of a solid headset. It has a nice thick comfort band which allows the headset to fit nice and snugly and comfortably around your head cancelling out lots of noise and giving you a nice clear sound.

The sound.
The 5.1 headset uses ERX and HRTF positional audio technology to give you an advantage on games. The 3-D audio seems subtle in nature. By this I mean the 3-D is not over emphasized. Playing left 4 dead 2, I was acutely aware of location of the zombies around me and yet when a jet flew overhead I knew exactly from the direction that it was coming from but didn't notice I knew that until it had flown by (I'm old and deaf wcyd). I realize some simulated 5.1 headset's make 3-D sound as though your head is in a bucket. But this headset seems to manage it, give you a full sound and yet, not be distracting.
The software that comes with the headset is quite basic and allows you to use a graphic equaliser to further fine tune your listening preferences. Personally I prefer to have the graphic equalizer disabled and have the sound as natural as possible. Again, personal preference says that I want to hear the explosion of the way the game makers want me to hear the explosion, as extreme equaliser settings can distort the experience. However with that said, subtle tweaks are highly recommended and can result in a rich sound experience.
Sound is delivered by a large 50 mm drivers which seem to be the industry standard for a good headset. Sound quality is lovely and full deep resonating bases and high-frequency tweets so you get large explosions but are still able to hear voices clearly (not at the same time though ).

The headset pads are a microfiber memory foam pad giving you a very snug fit around the ear. The microphone, much like the some of the Razor headsets has a tilt to mute function which is very handy but not quite as convenient as an in-line mute function, as this is a wireless headset, obviously there is no in-line microphone mute.
The volume levels can go ridiculously loud. This thing can almost damage your ears.

How easy is this headset to live with.
This is a USB headset, which means it does not require a good 7.1 sound card unlike high end "True 5.1/7.1" headsets. While the addition of a soundcard would give you a broader range of options on your sound experience for those "True 5.1/7.1" headsets, the Corsair 2000 seems to perform admirably without it.
There is a volume control on the microphone side of the headset, which is a roll bar form of volume control which is natural and easy to use.
Corsair says that this is a 10 hour battery life. I haven't yet timed this myself but it does last over eight hours.
When the charge is low you will receive an audio cue in the form of a quiet beep on the headset alerting you that you have about 30 minutes to 45 minutes to plug in your headset. Charging is done by a micro USB and can be done while wearing the headset.


All told, I'm very impressed with this headset and firmly believe that your preference will come from the style of headset e.g. wraparound/rest on top, type headset.
Sound quality is good, surround sound although it might not be distinct enough for some users (PRO-FPS especially) is subtle enough not to be distracting, and still provides a nice, immersive experience.

Wireless with reasonable range (depending on the type/thickness of walls in your house if you want to be in another room and still wear your headset).
Real world range: Expect something like 15-20ft through MDF divider walls and 6ft through brick.
Solid build quality (for mine), quality feel, full sound, good design. Also a clear noise canceling microphone to eliminate fan/background noise, which anyone who has heard me on team speak will be able to confirm.
Battery life and can be used while charging.

Possible build quality/fragility on the swivel mount for the ear cups.
This could just be my PC but I thought I'd mention it anyway. An occasional boot issue with the pc as the headset pairs with the USB dongle.

I've had the World of Warcraft surround sound headset, the Turtle Beach call of duty headset, some random 150 quid 5.1 surround sound Coolermaster type headset. This headset beats them all in the relevant field.
On another note, for a fraction of the price you can get the Corsair 1500 which is almost identical, but is a wired headset.
I have not owned or tried the Siberia V2 or the razor Tiamat and thus can't comment, but this is definitely the best headset I have owned so far. But due to the lack of options on the software and the fact that a noise canceling mic (while a good thing for TS) tends to limit what it can be used for eg: Dragon naturally speaking or audio production.

A good Headset, but still room for improvement. I give this headset and 8/10
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