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None of you lads (and lasses) here know me from Adam, and I don't really get that much time on gaming these days. I've never tried this Ventrillo thing, is it like a cross game chat? I'd also feel out of sorts speaking on there for the same reason as above, I don't really know any of you.

I understand your frustrations Wobbs, but I don't see much to contribute in posts, unlike the old site where wobbly, chaos, scaley, terry, stabby, arrit and dredd would make regular posts and I'd either join in, or at the very least enjoy the banter, without posting. I'm much the same on the goat, I'll give input where I have something to give, or at least where it's welcome!! I do feel the Reporter has stifled the chat, as it picks up on all the new stuff and leave no room for someone else to post the gen.

I hope more of the older members who you all know well post again, as I've enjoyed all my time on here.

All the best,

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