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Default Logitech G13 Review

The other week I decided to treat myself to a Logitech G13 keypad. I thought best wait a while before posting a review just until I got used to using the thing.

So after about 2 weeks of using it I can say, it is a very nice piece of kit to ssssssuse.

As you can see from the pics below, it is nicely designed and very ergonomic.
All the keys are customisable, but the main WASD keys (which you can change the function of) are slightly concaved so that you know which is which by feel.

Also where your thumb will naturally sit is a small toggle stick and two buttons either side, I find these buttons are great if reprogrammed as the space bar and I use the stick just to knock with my thumb for when in TS to activate my mic.

As with the logitech keyboard you can change profiles for all the macros using the M1 M2 & M3 buttons.
But I found that some games are naturally supported from a main list other are not. But its not a problem as you can either edit one or create one.

What was a bit of a shame is that mainly playing FPS the vast majority of the keys are the same, so I was hoping that I could have say BlOps on M1 and BF2BC2 on M2 but no joy, I have to reselect a profile from the main menu.
Selecting it is easy BTW just the podge of a button on the G13 and the up/down arrows.

But for example in BF2BC2 you can have M1 as a reg profile and have the back light colour in blue and M2 for flying a chopper in red.
Or you can choose any colour you want for your profiles which is a nice little feature.

It has the same display as a G15 keyboard but you can have it any colour you choose. So those with a G15 know what sort of thing you can have it display, ie TS, your stats for the game, PC performance, temps or the News.

I am still not sure it's worth 60 tho, but I do find it nicer to use than a keyboard.

For any and all questions, Google is your friend, because I can't be arsed


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