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12-10-2014, 12:20 AM
Following on from our meeting last week I would like to lay down the responsibilities of our community members.

GVET Rules and Regs : Work in Progress.

General Rules

When playing public games we should wear our gaming tags to ensure the community is aware of our existence.

New Members

New members will be expected to register on the website as well as post an introduction post. People on teamspeak that do not have a forum account will be restricted to the lobby from now on. If you wish to be able to have full use of the teamspeak server then please register as it costs money to run and for too long people have abused this facility and have never paid into the upkeep.

GVET Admins

Admins will be responsible for the routine running of the website as well as teamspeak. The group admins will be responsible for promoting their specific group and encouraging new members.

Admins will be responsible for organising bi-monthly gaming nights using 'free to play' games that will encourage community members to participate.

Admins will monitor the website for malicious postings or account and ban appropriately.

Group Admins

Group Admins are responsible for looking after their individual groups. They are responsible for their sub community to promote our community in each and every way they can utilising every medium possible.

All group Admins should attempt to attend a 'group' monthly community meeting held on a date and time decided by each group member.

All group admins should re-iterate during their monthly meetings that promotion of our community should be carried out by all community members during any opportunity that arises.

Duties not yet filled

LAN Party Sponsorship Managerr - This duty is to gain sponsorship for each event we hold. Please let us know if you have the minerals to do this.